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Zoom Meetings Pro

Zoom Meetings Pro

Number of licenses 1 year 2 years 3 years
5-49 152,60
(1.149,76 kn)
(2.185,98 kn)
(3.106,32 kn)
50-99 142,42
(1.073,06 kn)
(2.040,19 kn)
(2.899,28 kn)
100-249 132,24
(996,36 kn)
(1.894,47 kn)
(2.692,15 kn)
Exchange rate /kn: 7,53450
Prices are in HRK and EUR, without taxes.
Price depends on number of licenses and time period.
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Simplified video conferencing and messaging on any device.
Usability - Enable rapid adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to launch, join and collaborate on any device.
Zoom Meetings syncs with your calendar system and provides streamlined business-grade video conferencing from desktops, mobile phones, and dedicated Zoom for home devices.
Meeting Security - Robust security settings ensure meetings are free from distractions. encryption, role-based protection, password protection, waiting rooms and more.
Features of the Pro version:
- up to 100 participants
- increase the number of participants up to 1,000 with the large meetings plugin
- group meetings up to 30 hours
- connecting with social media
- cloud recording up to 1 GB per license