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Adobe Captivate for teams

Adobe Captivate for teams

Number of licenses 1 year
1-9 409,00
(3.081,61 kn)
10-49 402,00
(3.028,87 kn)
Exchange rate /kn: 7,53450
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Price depends on number of licenses and time period.
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Welcome to the world of smart eLearning content creation
Enjoy the unique experience of creating innovative fluid frameworks – create fully responsive e-learning content faster, without the need for programming. Automatically convert computer-generated content into mobile-friendly content. Thanks to the integration with the Adobe Typekit solution, you can write with high-quality fonts, for visually impressive content that is displayed consistently on all devices and browsers.
Step into the future with a platform that will allow you to create almost any responsive e-learning content. From application simulation to HD product demos, evaluation modules and more - all with just one tool. Enjoy unmatched value, with over 75,000 free eLearning content. Use Adobe Captivate Draft and easily create presentations. Easily deploy and manage courses, with one-click publishing to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.