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Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Number of licenses 1 year 2 years
6 46,22
(348,24 kn)
(483,11 kn)
11 37,67
(283,82 kn)
(404,98 kn)
Exchange rate /kn: 7,53450
Prices are in HRK and EUR, without taxes.
Price depends on number of licenses and time period.
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Due to increased dependence on computers and the Internet, all business environments are more vulnerable to malware and criminal attacks on their computers. Valuable business information, online financial transactions and sensitive data are at risk.
Smaller companies face the same risks as large organizations, but often have neither the time nor the ability to adjust and maintain complex IT security solutions. Kaspersky Small Office Security delivers business-grade technologies designed to be easy to install, configure and use. The solution offers protection for your Windows PCs and servers, and Android smartphones and tablets… to protect your online banking transactions, business data and information about your customers.
The prices refer to 5 or 10 computers, 5 or 10 mobile phones and 1 server.