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CorelCAD 2023

CorelCAD 2023

Number of licenses Price
1-4 768,00
(5.786,50 kn)
Exchange rate /kn: 7,53450
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Price depends on number of licenses.
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Available for Windows and macOS, CorelCAD 2023 enables designers to achieve professional results faster than before, thanks to innovations in 2D drafting, improved compatibility and customization options, all through an intuitive user interface. CorelCAD 2023 expands drawing capabilities with upgraded 2D drafting tools, which enable a natural transition from 2D to advanced 3D design. An intuitive and customizable user interface makes superior graphics even easier to create. Collaboration with colleagues and suppliers is easy with native support for .DWG formats as well as other popular formats. An additional advantage comes in the form of CorelCAD Mobile, an Android application that allows users to take their designs and ideas with them wherever they go.